Brochure Project

Brochure MAIN-page-001Brochure MAIN-page-002


Design a brochure for a company


  1. First I researched some brochure examples, and decided a “globe” focus would work wonderfully for a travel agency.
  2. I primarily focused on using InDesign for making my brochure. I created a series of six circles. I felt they would work well for the globe focus. I figured I could create sort of “portholes” to the places the Travel Agency specializes in. I realized a unique brochure could go a far way when it comes to standing out from our competitors. 
  3. One side of the brochure I focused on the locations the Travel Agency specialized in. I realized if I made each circle a frame I could easily place a photo within it as well as text.
  4. The other side of the brochure I focused on information about Go Travel. About who they are, and about how you should go about setting up your vacation.
  5. I used Photoshop to create two text-wrap images for my brochure pages that mainly carried information about Go Travel.
  6. For the side of the brochure dedicated to the locations, I wanted the place to be emphasized. So, I wanted the entirety of each page to be a window to those places. Along with these images I wanted to make information about each location the focal point of that page.
  7. I created three different Paragraph Styles. One for titles, another for the information side of the brochure (one based around indentations), and a third (following one of my critiques) for the location side of the brochure (focused on a line space after each paragraph, rather than an indentation).
  8. I created a new logo which brought in a golden touch to the design. I decided I should make all of the panels fit this color palette
  9. I created a golden border around the edges of the images in order to help maintain a clear color palette of contrasting gold and blues.
  10. I exported the image as a PDF for printing.
  11. After printing, I realized there was a serious issue with my alignment.
  12. To fix the alignment I checked each circle. Each one I ensured had identical dimensions.
  13. I grouped each group of circles and aligned to the middle on the x and y axis.
  14. I double checked the alignment by using the graph feature on InDesign.
  15. I triple checked by using identical rectangles and placing them above and below each circle. I ensured the lines were as straight as possible.
  16. I printed it out again. While not absolutely perfect, it was far better than before.
  17. I cut out the circles with my classmate, Alex, using an Exacto Knife

Critique Process

I met with a variety of individuals from my Visual Design class. As they looked over their design a consistent complaint they had was that I used indented paragraphs on the back portion of my design. They felt it would look better spaced, rather than indented. I agreed, but also recognized the need for three different paragraph styles. I realized I shouldn’t actually have both an indented and a line space style. So, instead, I opted to to take one of my panels and dedicate it to contact information. This allowed for there to be sub headers listing each of the contact forms. I also realized they were confused as to what exactly my logo was. So, when I went home I designed a more traditional logo which had a definitive color scheme. I created a golden logo, and worked this color of gold into the rest of my design. I was glad I did this after meeting up with a classmate by the end of Alex. 


Go Travel creates an exciting, deeply immersive travel plan. Look at all the places you could go, and make your travel plans with Go Travel today. This design is meant to provoke the eye of a passerby. It’s supposed to show a uniqueness not found in other travel agencies. 


Men and women ages 30-65. Those who are affluent, and capable of spending money on a lengthy vacation. Those men and women who desire to explore and “experience the world.” Those who are seeking a travel agency that is unique, stylish, and professional. 

Top Things Learned

Drafts. Drafts. Drafts. The more drafts you have, and the more you print and check, the more refined the design will be. It is worth paying the printer and taking the time to draft your work and refine it. Also, I learned I need to be a better at “K.I.S.S”-ing. : Keep it simple, stupid. While initially my idea seemed simple enough, in the end I discovered I had chosen quite a difficult overall design. I decided I would rather shoot for the moon than just scrap my idea. Thankfully, in the end I was pretty happy with how it turned out. Next time, though? I’ll try to think simple before I start.

Color Scheme and Color Names

Complimentary // Gold and Blue

Title Font Name and Category

Bodoni MT Condensed Italic // Serif

Copy Font Name and Category

Segoe UI Semibold // Sans-Serif

Thumbnails of any original, unedited images used in the project

AFRICA ELEPHANTalexander-ramsey-182409China 2RUSSIAsho-hatakeyama-117306

Source of each image


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