Business Identity Project



Create a logo for a company/service/organization and establish a visual identity across documents.



  1. Sketched out a series of different ideas for logos on scratch paper. I also began creating logo options in illustrator – until I found inspiration in morse code.
  2. I realized synonymous with safety was the infamous call out “SOS.” This seemed to illustrate a clear symbology for a security organization. “…—…” is the code for “Save our souls.” I realized “…” Could illustrate the safety provided by an organization.
  3. Next, I wanted to illustrate the worldwide nature of the organization, which is where the ring came from. I had also been playing with the idea of a corporation which was from the future. Synonymous with future and the idea of the future – for me – is space. I realized the three dots could represent the first three planets in the solar system. Putting a ring around the third dot simultaneously illustrated the concept of earth being what is protected as well as helped show the worldwide protection provided by the organization.
  4. I used the shape tool to create three different dots of equal size and equal distance from one another.
  5. I used the font “edition” to maintain the firm, orderly, business nature of the organization. I placed the “wws” beneath the symbol for when the logo stands alone with no context, but I wanted to make sure the symbol itself was strong enough to hold its own without a WWS.
  6. After establishing this first logo draft I went on to make the business card. First I worked on the back, which I felt should be simple, plain, and easily recognizable at first glance. The logo is boldly stated in full
  7. Next, I set the logo in the top left corner on the front of the card, with the full name of the company next to the symbol. I removed the “WWS” because I felt it would be redundant along with the name of the company.
  8. To maintain a clean, sterile design likely found in a security firm, I aligned all other information with the name of the company itself. I chose a sans-serif font for the copy text to contrast with the “editon” font.
  9. I added a line to the right of the logo and name in order to emphasize the horizontal alignment of the heading.
  10. Next I began work on the letterhead. To maintain repetition between design forms, I used a nearly identical heading on the upper portion of the letterhead as I did on the upper portion of the business card.
  11. Desiring to add some flair to the bottom of the letterhead, I decided to present the logo within the context of a minimalist solar system. This emphasizes some of the planetary undertones of the logo. To make the idea of the minimalist solar system clear I added a much larger dot at the beginning, signifying the sun.
  12. Following a critique, I added three different colors to the design to help better signify the planetary nature of the logo. The blue I wanted to clearly show earth in stark contrast to the other planets, so I went for more subdued colors for the first two dots. I didn’t want colors which stood out too much, as it may undermine the seriousness of a the services provided by Worldwide Security. The before the blue dot are also referencing the colors of the planets they represent.  
  13. Also thanks to critique I decided to provide more dimension to my design. Initially, I tried a drop shadow on the entire design (including the aligned “WWS” for Wordwide Security beneath each dot), but realized by giving the entire logo a 3D effect I sort of gave no part of my design dimension. It was just too much! I settled on only adding a slight drop shadow to the “ring.” It was amazing to see how much dimension and quality such a subtle change could add.
  14. Finally, thanks to critique, I removed spaces between lines on the business card, and added more space between the copy text and the header text. Initially, the name “Luke Andersen” almost looked like a subtitle to “Worldwide Security.” Adding this space between copy and header text fixed the issue.

Critique Process

This was a really unique critique process, due to the variety of people I talked to about the logo to get their perspectives. First, I asked a fellow classmate – Matthew Rapp – which of the designs he liked the most out of my three preliminary ones. His favorite logo was actually one I decided not to go with, but he helped refine that logo’s design. As I described the logo I chose to Matt, I realized I had actually positioned the ring around the wrong dot. I had placed it around the dot symbolizing mercury (the middle dot), not earth. This was an improvement on the design which came out of my critique despite Matt not directly providing the information.

After settling on my logo, I proceeded to create my letterhead and business card. I then asked my professor for a critique over email. I sent over a PDF which included my business card, letterhead, and other logo options I had created. At the time, all of the logos were monochromatic in nature and black and white. She liked the logo I selected, but felt it was a little flat and dull. This was how I decided to add the planetary colors to the design, as well as the slight drop shadow on the ring. She also recommended a thicker sans-serif font so my copy type would be more legible. So, I changed from Quicksand to a slightly thicker sans-serif: Roboto Light.

Finally, as I visited home I showed my mother the design. She suggested adjusting the proximity of words on the business card to increase relationships between the contact information. She showed me some of the business cards she had laying around the house for examples of how contact text should be layed out. This ended up being really helpful in refining my business card design.


Worldwide Security is a professional, modern, effective security organization.  It is interested in providing security service on an international level.


Business professionals and politicians, male and female, ages 40 – 65. This is a service for those who need protection. So, the logo is meant to signify safety and professionalism. The logo and design is meant to appeal and clearly stand out to those needing security at major public events. People who need this service, or people who organize such services, are generally old and professional. This logo is designed to catch the attention of such people.

Top Things Learned

The subtlest change in a design can make or break it. Boldness is needed in designing something recognizable, and part of being bold is knowing how to effectively use subtlety.

Color Scheme and Names

Triad // Dark brown / Gold / Muted Blue

Title Font Name and Category

Edition // Serif

Copy Font Name and Category

Roboto Light // Sans-Serif

Thumbnails of any original, unedited image(s) used in the project


Source of each image

All graphics are my own.


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