Montage Project



This article was created entirely using Photoshop, with fonts being found on

  1. Cropped dancing couple out of the dancing couple image
  2. Moved cropped portion of the dancing image over the fire. Resize so the couple is enclosed over the fire.
  3. Added mask layer to the dancing image layer.
  4. Used paint brush flow tool at 22% to ensure it was only the dancer’s upper bodies over the fire.
  5. Used 22% flow tool to bring back portions outside of the dancers. Dragged diagonally primarily towards where the text would be. This also provides enough visual context from the dancer layer to see they are dancing. Removed the dress from the image, making it as though the fire was somewhat like her dress.
  6. Placed an iris blur filter surrounding the couple so they would be crisper while the rest of the image would grow slightly blurrier. This provides a focus on the dancing couple – rather than the fire, embers, and surroundings.
  7. Placed quote text in the upper right hand corner. Used a serif font.
  8. Placed attribution text box beneath quote and aligned it with the right side of the quote. Used a non-serif font to provide contrast between the text.
  9. Lowered all text and moved it rightwards. Made sure there was still plenty of white space, but allowed the words to have a clearer proximity relationship with the dancers.

Critique Process:

I met with a group of three other students from my class: Matthew Rapp, Nick Bojorquez, and Alex Socarras. We met in person, and swapped one another’s projects. Giving individual critiques on each one.

They suggested to move the words closer to the dancers, as well as to remove the dress from being layered over the fire. I agreed with these suggestions. I removed the dress and lower portion of the dancers’ bodies from the fire, leaving only the upper portion of the dancers visible.

They also suggested making the dancers a little more highlighted – rather than having them barely visible. I also agreed with this, so I highlighted them while still leaving them slightly transparent. This highlighting allowed the dancers to be clearly seen as dancing without making them appear stark against the dark background.


This image aims to spread a simple, profound message: We may stand alone amidst a world of trial, but this does not mean we cannot thrive.


Anyone currently seeking inspiration or an inspirational quote for someone else. People in need of peace.

Top Things Learned:

Proximity is a difficult task to pull off. One must not make things cluttered, but one must also not make things too spread apart. Proximity should be toyed with to discover the best placement for elements of the image.

Color Scheme and Color Names:

Monochrome with orange accent // Black, White, and Orange

Title Font Name and Category:

Quicksand // Sans-Serif

Copy Font Serif and Category:

The Soul of Vodka // Serif

Thumbnails and sources of unedited images used in this project:

alvin-mahmudov-175985 joshua-newton-146019

Unsplash. Image by Alvin Mahmudov:

Unsplash. Image by Joshua Newton:


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